Display Shelf

Display Shelf (7)

It’s hard to believe, but my baby girl is almost 1 year old! That makes this a nice time to take stock of what’s in her room, the treasures she’s accumulated in one year, and to set up a surface that can become her sort of personal “museum” moving forward.

First, I just sat down to go through a few special items with Veronika. Everything from baptism gifts…

Display Shelf (2)

…to music boxes…

Display Shelf (1)

…to heirlooms from grandparents and even great-grandparents.

Display Shelf (4)

It was a trip down memory lane for me, too, remembering back to her first few weeks and visitors. Meanwhile, Veronika just seemed delighted by all the items as I talked with her about them.

Display Shelf (3)

Up on the shelf they went for display. My goal is to add to the shelf over time, including special framed pictures of Veronika and things that she’ll make or find over the years.

Display Shelf (5)

What would go in your baby’s “museum”? Please share in the comments!


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