Silly Hats

Silly Hats (3)

At 11 months old, you’ve probably noticed your baby has quite the sense of humor. So play it up with some silly “hats”!

I collected a pile of items, none of which were actually hats: a colander, a soft book, a pair of shorts, beach buckets, and a box.

Silly Hats (1)

One by one they went on my head. You can see from her expression that she knew mom was being silly. Here’s a big grin for the book.

Silly Hats (2)

She tried it on next, to lots more giggles. Oh Mom you’re so silly: there’s a bucket on your head!

Silly Hats (4)

The colander was a favorite.

Silly Hats (7)

She kept handing me this one over and over, as if demanding a repeat performance. But wasn’t so sure she wanted it on her own head…

Silly Hats (8)

The shorts got lots of laughs…

Silly Hats (9)

…as did a soft purple box.

Silly Hats (5)

She even seemed to want me to pile objects one on top of the other (because we all know moms wear many hats). What else could be a silly hat in your house? A tambourine?

Silly Hats (10)

Something even sillier? Have fun with this one!

Silly Hats (6)


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