Croquet for Crawlers

Croquet Crawlers (7)

Stuck inside with your baby on a rainy day? Look no further than this indoor game of “croquet”, perfect for crawlers, to keep the little one entertained.

Cut the square ends off a shoebox and discard; you’ll be left with a rectangle.

Croquet Crawlers (1)

Cut the remaining rectangle into pieces so you have 3 to 4 “wickets”.

If you’re using an adult-sized shoebox, tennis balls work great for this game. Because I used a child-sized shoebox, the tennis balls were too large but some balls we have from a shape sorter were just right.

Croquet Crawlers (2)

I lined the wickets up in a row and showed Veronika how to roll the ball through them. She immediately gave her ball a little half-roll half-push.

Croquet Crawlers (4)

She loved both watching me roll balls and taking her own turns. (Plus see the cat waiting to catch the ball? Everyone was entertained!).

Croquet Crawlers (5)

After we had played with the wickets in a row, I set them up more free-form and encouraged her to roll balls back and forth and all around, crawling between wickets all the while.

Croquet Crawlers (6)


Picking up wickets was half the fun, of course.

Croquet Crawlers (8)


In sum, she loved this little game!


Croquet Crawlers (9)


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