Wooden Puzzles

Wooden Puzzles (3)

We were out and about a lot today, but I did take time to focus on one classic activity with Veronika: wooden puzzles.

For this age (11 months old), find puzzles with knobs that your little one can easily grab and lift.

There are two versions I like. In the first, a colored shape is on top, and an image is revealed underneath. When you play with these, name the image as your baby makes it appear!

Wooden Puzzles alt.jpg

The second kind has the image visible from on top, but the fun comes when the puzzle piece goes back into the frame and makes a sound. Veronika and I played with wild animals first…

Wooden Puzzles (1)

…and then domestic animals.

Wooden Puzzles (4)

Again, point to the picture and name the object or animal while your little one puzzles.

Wooden Puzzles (2)

Veronika was so enamored with the duck piece that she made me do that shape over and over, and I think was trying to say quack!

Wooden Puzzles (6)

This is her, “Mom you better do that duck again,” face.

Wooden Puzzles (7)


Wooden Puzzles (5)

Wooden puzzles like these are great not just for little fingers, but for little minds, too.


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