Upcycled Picture Frame

Picture Frame Crate (7)

This quick craft was a neat way to recycle one of Travis’s Kiwi Crates (the perfect way to showcase his Puzzle Pictures from the latest box), and is a great way to recycle any of the numerous cardboard boxes that come to your doorstep in this Amazon Prime era!

Cut out the bottom of the cardboard crate. Place any art your child wants to frame in the center and trace around it.

Picture Frame Crate (1)

Cut out the resulting cardboard square and tape on the artwork.

Picture Frame Crate (2)

Cut additional pieces of cardboard to be the sides, top, and bottom of the frame. Travis chose to decorate his with strips of colorful tape, but markers would work fine, too!

Picture Frame Crate (4)

It was great motor skills practice to teach him to stretch a piece of washi tape the length of the cardboard piece before tearing off and folding any excess around the back.

Picture Frame Crate (3)

Glue the 4 pieces of the frame together and glue the artwork in the center.

Picture Frame Crate (5)

You can glue a piece of string or yarn to the top of the frame and it’s now ready to display proudly.

Picture Frame Crate (6)

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