Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs (6)

Some days just call for extra hugs, and here’s an extra fun way to give them. I first demonstrated on a teddy bear to get Veronika giggling. Give a stuffed bear (or any stuffed animal) a big hug, then…

Bear Hugs (2)

… tickle tickle tickle! I gave Veronika the bear so she could hug and tickle, which earned a big smile. Now it was her turn. I scooped her into my arms for a big hug, then started tickling gently over her back and tummy.

Bear Hugs (4)

She ended with big giggles before we needed a repeat!

Bear Hugs (3)

As with any tickling game, make sure your little one is enjoying the activity and stop as soon as he or she shows discomfort.

Bear Hugs (5)

But I’d say we had a bear-y good time.

Bear Hugs (1)


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