Mirror Dance

Mirror Dance (7)

Here’s a little game that can grow more sophisticated the older your baby gets. Veronika is just starting to copy movements, including signing words back to me. It shows that she’s very attuned to others’ body movements, so today we made a dance of it.

I sat down facing her and first, I copied her moves! This is a great way to teach your baby the concept of mirroring.

Mirror Dance (1)

So when she popped down a toy piece with her finger, I followed suit.

Mirror Dance (2)

And when she put her thumb in the hole of a bead, so did I.

Mirror Dance (4)

Then it was mommy’s turn to be the leader! Could she tap two beads together? Yes she could!

Mirror Dance (5)

Clap hands? Yup!

Mirror Dance (3)

For some extra fun, we took the game in front of a real mirror. She was, admittedly, distracted by being near fun things like sinks and faucets, but if I tapped on the glass, she tapped on the glass!

Mirror Dance (8)

I showed her a few other moves, too, like tapping her head or touching her nose.

Mirror Dance (6)

This is almost like a baby version of “Simon Says”. Keep playing, and see what your baby will copy!


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