Shofar for Yom Kippur

Shofar (7)

We don’t celebrate Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar (which begins tonight and lasts until tomorrow), but there was a nice craft to commemorate the holiday in Travis’s Highlights magazine. It was a good chance to teach a little about another culture and have some crafting fun.

As some background, Travis and I learned how a shofar (traditionally made from a ram’s horn) is blown at services to signal the end of a 25-hour fasting period. The day is about repentance and atonement, and this cardstock version of the shofar can hold your child’s apologies and hopes for the year ahead.

First, I traced a horn shape on brown cardstock twice and cut out.

Shofar (1)

Because our cardstock was quite dark, Travis chose to decorate it with glitter pens.

Shofar (3)

Once decorated, punch two holes near the top.

Shofar (2)

Glue one piece of cardstock to the other, making sure not to glue along the top edge so you are left with a pocket.

Shofar (5)

Into this pocket, we slipped promises and apologies. Travis had some sincere thoughts, like promising not to be naughty at home and promising to be better at wake up time (instead of getting up on the proverbial “wrong side of the bed”). It was a good chance to practice handwriting, too!

Shofar (4)

Slip a blue ribbon through the holes you punched in the top and hang the shofar to celebrate the holiday!

Shofar (6)

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