Clapping Games

Clapping Game (5)

We took a little pause today for musical and rhythmic fun with the most basic instrument of all – our clapping hands! I sat down and did a simple clapping pattern for Veronika: lap once, clap twice.

Clapping Game (1)

She froze, enthralled, and then almost instantly began trying to copy me. Her “lap” tended to tap on her chest, but I could tell she was trying intently to copy my rhythm.

Clapping Game (2)

I recruited big brother Travis who made up the next pattern. He was proud of his rhythm, involving numerous taps on legs and then clapping.

Clapping Game (4)

Veronika started bouncing with excitement. You could practically see the rhythm in her whole body as we “danced” to our clapping instrument hands.

Clapping Game (3)

We added music to really make it a dance party and continued clapping and bopping in simple patterns. This was such a beautiful pause in an otherwise hectic day. So don’t forget how rhythmic babies are naturally, almost from birth, and get clapping!


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