Calming Sensory Play

Calming Sensory (4)

Veronika was uncharacteristically fussy this afternoon, so I knew exactly which sensory game to pull out. All you need is a large bin, a bulk bag of rice, and lavender essential oil.

Calming Sensory (1)

Pour the rice into the bin. Add just two to three drops of lavender oil; you really don’t want more than that, as essential oils are quite potent. Be aware, too, that lavender oil can cause skin reactions and stop immediately if you notice your baby having one.

First, I simply let Veronika smell the oil. She seemed calmer already!

Calming Sensory (2)

I put a few cups into the bin and poured the rice back and forth.

Calming Sensory (3)

The scent drifted up to us instantly, and Veronika was hooked. I showed her how to let the rice run through her fingers and she followed suit.

Calming Sensory (8)

She was soon quite busy, digging in her fingers and trying out the cups.

Calming Sensory (7)

Then she discovered that when she picked up a handful of rice and tossed it on the floor, it made a satisfying scattering sound.

Calming Sensory (10)

She continued this with such pleasure that I didn’t mind the mess, and clean-up was an easy matter of using a dust pan once she was through.

Calming Sensory (9)

And at the end, she truly did seem calmer than when we had started.

Calming Sensory (6)



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