Baby Food Jar Play

Baby Food Jars (6)

Veronika hasn’t eaten baby food out of jars in ages (this little miss prefers finger foods), but I like to keep a few empty jars on hand for games and activities. Today she kept so busy with 4 jars and 4 lids and this simple activity.

I set the jars in front of her on a soft surface (be sure your floor is well padded if using glass jars).

Baby Food Jars (1)

To start, I simply showed her how to remove a lid, and then place it back on. Babies will instantly want in on this action. Veronika snatched off the lids (I had them very loose) and tried to put them back on.

Baby Food Jars (3)

It was so interesting to watch the brain at work on this one. At first she put the lids on upside down, or on the bottom of the jars.

Baby Food Jars (2)

But after a few tries, she was putting them on right side up, even making them a little tight.

Baby Food Jars (7)

She looked so pleased with herself and had to do it over and over!

Baby Food Jars (4)

For extra fun, I put small toys inside a few of the jars. I thought she would be interested in digging for the rewards once the lids were off, but truly the lids and jars themselves were what fascinated her.

Baby Food Jars (5)

I loved watching this sequence: She gets the lid on.

Baby Food Jars (9)

Then off again.

Baby Food Jars (8)

Then peeks inside for a toy!

Baby Food Jars (10)

She was one very pleased little girl.

Baby Food Jars (11)



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