Car Tracks in Baby Food

Car Tracks (2)

Veronika loves to vroom cars around on the floor (she even says “vvvv” as she does so!) and so I thought: Why not turn it into an art project?

I taped craft paper down to her highchair tray, and spooned on a little bit of jarred baby food. I added a few trucks (firetrucks and school buses are favorites) and let her go wild.

Car Tracks (1)

She immediately began vrooming the wheels through the blobs of food, and was rewarded with car tracks. I showed her how we could stretch these out to the edge of the paper, or make tracks that zig-zagged back and forth.

Car Tracks (3)

The paper seemed more hindrance than helper, so I stripped it off and repeated the game right on her high chair tray; luckily it’s an easy one to clean! She liked this version better.

Car Tracks (4)

And took a few tastes of her artwork, too!

Car Tracks (5)

A thoroughly enjoyable little activity, with a snack built right in.

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