Catnip Toys

Catnip Toys (6)

It’s our cat’s birthday today, 11 years old! Travis loved the idea of celebrating our little guy, so we put together these easy catnip toys for him.

Ranger Rick had a template to follow for Halloween-themed cat toys, since National Cat Day (October 29) falls just before the spooky holiday. I printed out the pumpkin and ghost templates and  traced them onto appropriately colored felt, along with shapes for facial features and a green pumpkin stem.

Catnip Toys (2)

Whoops, because I didn’t have much white felt, some of our ghost features were reversed white-on-black.

Catnip Toys

Use fabric glue or hot glue to attach both sides of each shape nearly all the way around, leaving an opening. Travis helped stuff these openings with cotton balls.

Catnip Toys (3)

And then of course we added catnip, a small spoonful to each. Travis thought the smell of it was wild, and loved the idea that it would drive the cat crazy.

Catnip Toys (4)

Seal up the remaining seam with more glue. I glued on the features, and then it was time to treat the cat!

Catnip Toys (5)

Travis loved tossing down the birthday present.

Catnip Toys (8)

And our cat was quite appreciative! How will you celebrate National Cat Day? Please share in the comments!

Catnip Toys (7)

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