Make Binoculars

Make Binocs (4)

These super-simple binoculars are a fun way to introduce the item to your baby. No complicated decorations or lenses here, just some quality “I Spy” play!

I taped together two empty toilet paper tubes with several layers of colored tape. Sometimes I prepare crafts while Veronika watches so she can play along, but I knew she would be an imp with the tape, so secretly put these together while she napped.

Make Binocs (2)

Once awake, I peered at her through the binoculars. Hello, Veronika!

Make Binocs (6)

I showed her how to hold the tubes up to her eyes and verbalized what I saw. “Look, there’s the cat! Look, it’s daddy! Look, a toy train!”

Make Binocs (3)

Next it was her turn; I handed the binoculars over, and she puzzled over how to peer through them. She loved holding them, and placed them up to her head in imitation, although needed my help to get them centered over her eyes.

Make Binocs (5)

Her favorite though was whenever I looked at her through them, rewarding me with a big smile each time. A great first pair of binocs!


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