Learn to Blow

Learn to Blow (5).JPG

Blowing is such a gentle and fun sensation for babies, both to feel it from you and to learn! Today, Veronika and I had some fun with this idea in a few ways.

First, I simply took a deep breath in and then blew gently on her cheeks and forehead (you’ll probably want to avoid the eyes). Veronika giggled and thought this was a delight.

You can see she tried to imitate me with her tongue out, so making more of a raspberry sound. But I love that she instantly tried to copy me!

Learn to Blow (1)

Try blowing on palms or fingers, too.

Learn to Blow (2)

Then I pulled out our pinwheel for more demonstration. She loved watching it go around in the “wind”.

Learn to Blow (6)

I hoped she would try blowing on it, too, but her hands proved too tempting to make it spin.

Learn to Blow (7)

Then of course we needed the perfect story for learning to blow: we huffed and puffed to the Three Little Pigs!

I set up a Three Little Pigs toyset that’s been around since big brother Travis was a baby, and hung up tissue paper over the houses.

Learn to Blow (3)

As I narrated the story, I huffed and puffed on the tissue each time we came to that part of the tale. She loved watching the tissue paper sway back and forth!

Learn to Blow (4)

Do you have a fairy tale that you like to narrate in a hands-on way? Please share in the comments!

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