Squish Bags

Squish Bags (2)

I made a floor sensory bag for Veronika some time back; today I added two twists for a new version of the game!

In the first, I added 1/2 cup water and then various small items from our craft bin: translucent pony beads, buttons, and wiggle eyes all fit the bill. I got the idea after noticing how much she loved a drum with floating beads under the plastic at music class.

Squish Bags (1)

I taped the bag firmly to the floor on all four sides, almost like framing it. Now she could squish the items inside, but not move the whole bag.

Squish Bags (3)

The second version was even squishier! This time, instead of water, I squirted in a generous dose of shaving cream. I sprinkled in even more beads and buttons, using lots so they showed up through the thick cream. This one, too, I taped firmly down on all four sides.

Squish Bags (5)

Veronika loved pressing her fingers in! Or scooching her whole body across.

Squish Bags (7)

She could move beads and buttons with one little finger or a whole hand pressed down, and the visual effect was dazzling.

Squish Bags (4)

If you make these while your baby is still young enough to need tummy time, it’s a sure way to keep them entertained!


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