Boo Mobile

Boo Mobile (5).JPG

The spooky decor continues! On the heels of eerie snack cups, Travis helped make a mobile to hang in the house this Halloween.

First, wrap 2 dowels in orange. Thick yarn would have made quicker work of this step but since I only had orange needlepoint thread, so I was proud of Travis sticking with it.

Boo Mobile (1)

Secure the thread with tape. Tie the two dowels crosswise to each other with more thread.

Boo Mobile (2)

For decorations, we cut simple ghost shapes from white craft foam. Travis loved adding their spooky faces, including one with “fangs”.

Boo Mobile (3)

I also cut the letters B-O-O from orange craft foam. Attach these decorations to more thread with tape, and tie each thread to one end of the dowels. Hang with a final piece of thread, whether in black or orange.

Boo Mobile (4)


Boo Mobile (6)

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