Eerie Eyeball Cups

Eerie Eyeball (5)

With Halloween a week away, Travis is starting to demand spooky decor around the house. We put together these eerie snack cups, perfect for holding candy or portions of little snacks or dry cereal.

Cut an upcycled egg carton into separate compartments. Decorate half of them as the top of the eyes, with a circle right in the center.

Eerie Eyeball (1)

Add wiggly lines of red marker for the bloodshot veins. (Note: You can use paint, but we preferred marker since there was no drying time).

Eerie Eyeball (2)

For the other half of the cups, omit the iris and just make wiggly veins.

Eerie Eyeball (3)

Fill the bottoms with treats, then stack an eyeball cup on top.

Eerie Eyeball (4)


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