Tic Tac Yum (3)

Here’s a novel way to play tic-tac-toe… and to have a healthy snack. Winner takes first bite!

To set up the game, wind yarn around a flat mirror until you’ve divided it into 9 squares like a tic-tac-toe board. Secure on the back with tape.

For the Os, cut celery hearts into slices in the shape of a C. For Xs, cut chunks of non-dairy cheese and then make a slit so each piece looks like a V.

Tic Tac Yum (2)

Once arranged on the mirror, Travis was delighted to find the C was now an O and the V was now an X!

Tic Tac Yum (1)

I challenged him to a match…

Tic Tac Yum (4)

…but it wasn’t long before the Vs began disappearing as a snack. Tic-tac-yum indeed!

Tic Tac Yum (5)



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