Aluminum Foil Art

Aluminum Foil Painting (7)Something as simple as switching up the canvas can make an everyday activity like painting feel new again! Recent shiny mirror play prompted me to have Travis paint not on paper but on… foil!

I put the foil against a sturdy cardboard backing, and used snack bag clips to hold it securely.

Aluminum Foil Painting (1)

At first I thought he might want to use permanent markers on the foil. These made not only vibrant colors, but also fun texture where it indents the foil slightly.

Aluminum Foil Painting (2)

He was instantly designing a Star Wars ship (of course), but quickly decided to move on to paints.

I mixed tempera paint colors with a couple drops of dish soap in each (which supposedly helps it adhere to the foil better).

Aluminum Foil Painting (3)

Now he was off and running!

Aluminum Foil Painting (4)

He mixed colors, made fun designs, and wasn’t content until the whole surface of the foil was finished.

Aluminum Foil Painting (5)

What novel canvas has your child used for art? Please share in the comments!

Aluminum Foil Painting (6)

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