Mirror Pattern Gloves

Mirror Socks (10).jpg

This project is a fun intro-to-sewing for little kids, and also helped drive home some recent lessons on mirror imagery that Travis and I have talked about lately.

To make the gloves, you’ll need a long pair of socks. I had Travis put his forearms at the ends, and traced a wide L shape where his fingers and thumb would go.

Mirror Socks (1)

Cut off and discard the sock above this L.

Mirror Socks (2)

Fold the sock inside-out and do a basic running stitch (in, out, in, out) to attach the two sides, up to where the thumb is. Honestly, I am no seamstress: here is my hack job of a running stitch.

Mirror Socks (4)

But Travis loved helping thread a plastic needle and make a few practice threading motions.

Mirror Socks (3)

Put the sock right-side out again and try it on for size! Repeat with the other sock to make your second glove.

Mirror Socks (5)

We wanted to decorate our “mirror image” gloves with felt stickers but the only ones I had were Christmas-themed! So perhaps he can pull these out to wear around the holidays.

Mirror Socks (6)

As he placed each sticker, he thought hard about what would make a mirror image. Should the blue sticker go to the left or to the right?

Mirror Socks (7)

He quickly got the hang of it. And loved wearing the fingerless gloves once the project was complete!

Mirror Socks (8)

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