High Chair Painting

High Chair Painting (5).JPG

I’ve loved my first forays into making art with Veronika, and today I dared to give her real paint for the first time, meaning it wasn’t sealed up or homemade. The verdict? She did not eat any! In fact, there wasn’t much of a mess at all.

For this age, though, I do recommend strapping baby into a highchair before pulling out the paints, resulting in the safest, least messy location. You can cover the floor below with newspaper if desired, and tape down the paper to the high chair.

High Chair Painting (1)

I started this way, using a few blobs of store-bought finger paint. But this time I gave her paintbrushes, and showed her how to dab into the blobs and swish it around. She looked so proud to hold the brush!

High Chair Painting (2)

After a few strokes, though, she preferred to pick at the masking tape. Hmm…

Thinking quickly, I gave her a fresh sheet of paper with no tape, and just held onto it firmly.

High Chair Painting (3)

Now, Veronika loved it. The serious look on her face was her way of really processing how it worked to smoosh down the bristles and see new paint appear.

High Chair Painting (8)

She kept at it for quite some time.

High Chair Painting (4)

You’re an artist, Veronika!

High Chair Painting (7)

A proud first paintbrush painting!

High Chair Painting (9)

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