Tic Tac Donut (10).JPG

Here’s a crafty spin on tic-tac-toe, with quite a few twists! The game was just the thing to keep us busy on a cold morning inside.

To make the playing board, cover the non-magnet side of magnetic paper (available at craft stores) with colored tape; cut the paper into strips, making 4 pieces total.

Tic Tac Donut (1)

To make the “doughnuts”, cut 10 circles from brown craft form and cut out the centers. Decorate with puffy paint as frosting!

Tic Tac Donut (2)

This was definitely Travis’s favorite part, getting into the idea that he was an icer at a bakery. We got creative and decorated all 10 differently, but for more accuracy, you might want to decorate 5 with one pattern and 5 with another. We just had to remember whose playing piece was whose!

Tic Tac Donut (5)

Let the puffy paint dry completely (this might take a while, if your kids were enthusiastic with their blobs of paint!). Attach a strip of the magnetic paper to the back of each doughnut.

To play the game, attach the colored magnet strips to a baking sheet as the board.

Tic Tac Donut (6)

Start tossing doughnuts onto the sheet.

Tic Tac Donut (7)

The first player with 3 in a row wins! Hmm, there might have been a little cheating and reorienting going on, but Travis loved the challenge.

Tic Tac Donut (8)

Prefer your tic-tac-toe a little more traditional? Check out a few versions we’ve made in the past!

Tic Tac Donut (9)

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