Box of Socks


Box of Socks (4)

“Socks” was one of Veronika’s first words. She not only loves saying it, she loves putting them on (and pulling them off), and so it seemed only natural to turn them into a toy during a morning spent playing at home!

I gathered up a whole bunch of socks, including some of her own, some from big brother, and some of mommy’s.

Box of Socks (6)

First I simply showed her how to toss the socks into a little basket. Then I gathered them all into my arms and let them shower down on her. Whee!

Box of Socks (8)

She immediately tried to imitate the move.

Box of Socks (9)

I wadded up each pair of socks so they formed a ball, and then we had even more fun with them.

Box of Socks (1)

We could bowl towards little plastic animals…

Box of Socks (2)

…or take turns tossing them in the basket.

Box of Socks (7)

She briefly tied to put one on her own foot..

Box of Socks (10)

…but then preferred wearing one of mommy’s long socks as a scarf. She was so proud!

Box of Socks (3)

She returned to the little basket of socks over the course of the whole day, making this toy a big winner in my book.

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