Crumb Writing

Crumb Writing (2)

If you have an older child who is practicing their letters or doing homework, it can be tough occupy a baby or toddler at that time. So here’s a solution: Let your little one practice “writing” too… In crumbs!

I ground up cocoa rice crisp cereal for this activity, but you could also make fine crumbs from baby crackers or cookies, or even use leftover baby rice cereal that is already a fine meal. Either way, pour a generous amount onto the high chair tray.

Crumb Writing (1)

I showed Veronika how to make letters first, followed by shapes.

Crumb Writing (3)

Her curious fingers were soon making trails through my marks, and then branching out to make her own squiggles through the crumbs.

Crumb Writing (4)

She loved swishing the crumbs side to side, and of course watching them splatter to the ground. Just have a dust pan ready nearby for a quick clean up!

Crumb Writing (5)

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