After School Routine Clock

After School Clock (4)

Travis has struggled lately at clean-up time, requesting more and more time to play. We made this cute clock in hopes of keeping things on track in the future! It helped him to visualize how much time was left for current favorite activities, like action figure play and coloring, and helped cut down on protests.

To start, we printed out two sheets of a template from Kiwi Co. Color in with crayon or marker, making sure to use colors that match any dry erase markers you have at home. That limited us to blue, red, and green, but you can use many colors if you have a full rainbow of dry erase. On each rectangle, write in a part of your child’s evening routine with dark marker.

After School Clock (1)

For each slot of time, we colored a corresponding triangle on a white wall clock that I purchased from Amazon. Travis loved being allowed to color directly on the clock!

After School Clock (2)

I outlined his triangles in black for a clearer visual, and then mounted the clock on the wall next to the Kiwi templates.

After School Clock (3)

What a great way for him to see how the evening is divvied up! I also love that this project can be adapted as his schedule changes in the future, especially once homework is part of the equation.

After School Clock (5)

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