Homemade Bath Shapes

Simple Bath 2 (2)

Here’s a fun variation on foam sheers in the tub that Veronika has enjoyed lately at bath time.

This time, I used cookie cutters to trace shapes that are becoming identifiable to her, including stars, moons, basic shapes like circles, and a few fun ones like bells.

Simple Bath 2 (1)

I cut them out and then lined them up on the bathtub walls so she could see how they stuck right to the tub. She loved taking them off and on again.

Simple Bath 2 (5)

The star was a fast favorite. With no prompting, she held it up high every time I sang the “up above the world so high” line of Twinkle, Twinkle!

Simple Bath 2 (3)

The moon likewise received big smiles when I recited a favorite poem about the moon.

Simple Bath 2 (4)

This was a great way to combine tub fun with object recognition as your toddler begins adding more and more words to his or her vocabulary.

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