Blowing Games

Blowing Games (8)

Teaching your child to blow helps strengthen the lips and tongue which in turn helps with language and speech. Although Veronika was on the young side for the activities we did today, it was nice to lay a foundation for these oral-motor skills.

First, I used a toy horn to give a few short toot toots! The immediate response was giggles of course.

Blowing Games (1)

Then it was her turn to try. She lifted the horn to her mouth, and although she couldn’t produce a sound, she gave a little puff of air. She was definitely trying!

Next up: party blowers! Leftover ones from birthday parties make for fantastic blowing practice.

Blowing Games (2)

I showed her to make one pop open, a delight both visually and audibly. Again, there were lots of little huffs of imitation.

Blowing Games (5)

Get silly and blow one against your toddler’s tummy for some ticklish fun.

Blowing Games (4)

Of course the most classic game of all to teach blowing is just to pull out the bubbles. Instead of blowing them yourself, encourage your toddler to dip the wand and then huff.

Blowing Games (7)

At fifteen months Veronika isn’t quite there yet, but these blowing games were all about exploration.

Blowing Games (6)

When did your child learn to blow a horn or party blower? Please share in the comments!

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