Dish Soap Tub Bubbles

Dish Soap Bubble Bath (4)

Blowing bubbles in dish soap is always fun, whether your kids are old enough to blow into the mixture themselves, or young enough that you do it for them. Tonight, I took dish soap bubbles to Veronika’s bath for some great soapy play!

To start, I tinted the tub blue with a little food coloring.

Dish Soap Bubble Bath (2)

(Side note: This was purely for extra entertainment, and not necessary at all. We always love a colored bath around here whether red, yellow, green, or something in between.

Colored Bath (2)

Just squirt in a few drops of all-natural food coloring and let your toddler swish the colors around!).

Colored Bath (3)

Once the water this blue, I filled a Tupperware container with a few squirts of dish soap and added a little water.

Dish Soap Bubble Bath (1)

Blow into the mixture with a straw and honeycomb bubbles will begin to rise to the surface. Definitely only let your child use the straw if you are confident he or she can blow out, not in.

Dish Soap Bubble Bath (3)

Veronika loved it the moment the bubbles spilled over the top of the container! After watching a few times, she was brave enough to put her hands in. These dish soap bubbles won’t pop, making for endless fun dipping hands in and out of what feels like endless bubbles.

Dish Soap Bubble Bath (5)

We hid a few fish toys in the big bubbles and she loved feeling around for them!

Dish Soap Bubble Bath (7)

After holding the container for a while, I set it down to float in the tub and she continued to enjoy putting eager hands into the bubbles.

Dish Soap Bubble Bath (9)

This made them spill over into the water, so then she loved stirring at them with one of the straws I’d used!

Dish Soap Bubble Bath (11)

I think she wanted to stay in this bath forever.

Dish Soap Bubble Bath (8)

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