Textured Touch

Textured Touch (9)

This advanced texture game will delight toddlers because it also contains an element of surprise!

Cut two holes in the top of a flat box (such as a tie or scarf box).

Textured Touch (1)

Next, gather together a variety of fabrics and materials. We had burlap, felt, cotton, silk, wrapping paper, and sandpaper, for lots of nice contrast.

Textured Touch (2)

One at a time, I placed a piece of material under the lid and showed her how to poke a finger through to explore.

Textured Touch (3)

She looked so intrigued by the mystery of it!

Textured Touch (5)

I put my finger in the second hole so I could describe the texture to her. Burlap, for example, was bumpy and rough. Then we lifted the lid to see what we’d been feeling!

Textured Touch (4)

Wrapping paper was next, smooth and slippery. Soon, Veronika loved being the one to remove the lid and discover what was inside.

Textured Touch (6)

The lid definitely adds a fun element to the game, since toddlers will adore putting it on and off between each new material.

Textured Touch (8)

We played a second version of the game in a paper bag. Again, she loved the surprise of reaching in…

Textured Touch (10)

…and lifting out a new fabric with delight each time.

Textured Touch (11)

Talk about all the different textures as you play this version of the game, too. The more descriptive your words, the better!

Textured Touch (12)

Chances are, your little one will be busy putting the fabric in and out of the bag for a while. Boxes plus bags plus fabric, oh my! This game was a winner.

Textured Touch (13)

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