Easy Scarf Pull Activity

Scarf Pull (3)

This gross motor skill activity for toddlers is sure to tantalize!

For set up, attach containers to the wall with painter’s tape. These could be empty paper towel tubes or old bottles or really any container through which you can pull a scarf. For the bottles, you’ll need to cut off the closed end first. Make sure to tape over any sharp or jagged edges. I used two empty juice bottles, but water bottles or even an empty gallon jug would work!

Scarf Pull (1)

While Veronika was napping, I secured these to the wall and stuffed a scarf into each with the end dangling out.

Scarf Pull (2)

She came wandering over mildly curious. Because she loves draping herself in scarves, I thought she would be so into this.

Scarf Pull (4)

Surprisingly, she really only gave each one a single tug through its tunnel, but then lost interest. She showed a bit more interest about the containers themselves, and how they were stuck to the wall.

Scarf Pull (5)

Well, at least we got in a little gross motor play as she pulled those scarves. Your kids may want to stuff the scarves back into the containers and play this game over and over.

Scarf Pull (6)

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