Crinkle, Crunch

Crinkle Crunch (6)

Paper games never get old for a toddler, and while materials like wrapping paper and newspaper might seem mundane to a grown-up, they are a goldmine of fun for little ones. There’s sound, there’s texture, and there’s also fine motor skill building from ripping paper. So yes all this fun even has a purpose!

First up was the sound aspect. I set out three different kinds of paper for Veronika: brown paper bags, wrapping paper, and tissue paper.

Crinkle Crunch (1)

One by one, we crumpled them up. The brown paper was the loudest, and then the game grew quieter and quieter with the tissue paper making the softest sound.

Crinkle Crunch (2)

Of course then Veronika needed her own turn to take a piece of each material and crumple crumple until she’d formed a small ball in her hands.

A great twist on this auditory play is to hold one ball of paper behind your back and squish it so it makes a crinkle sound. Veronika came to find it!

Crinkle Crunch (3)

Sit back and watch what your child does with the paper. Veronika liked tossing it in the air, and wearing it as a hat!

Crinkle Crunch (4)

Then I demonstrated the sound that wrapping paper made as I ripped a piece in two. “More more!” she immediately asked. I had to start a small tear for her, but then she was able to wrench the two halves apart. Which she then did over and over, testing all three materials.

Crinkle Crunch (5)

What delight to learn she can rip! I thought she might enjoy returning to an old classic game, hiding toys in balls of the paper.

Crinkle Crunch (7)

But she was having so much fun ripping the paper she barely noticed the toys! (Okay, maybe one quick bus zoom).

Crinkle Crunch (9)

I guess that makes this game a winner.

Crinkle Crunch (8)

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