Splish, Splash

Splish Splash (2)

The next time your toddler takes a bath, take a moment to focus not on the feel of the water, but on the sounds that you can make with water. This is a great opportunity for some auditory sensory play.

First, I filled the tub with warm water and got Veronika in her bathing suit for a little added element of difference and fun.

Turn the tap on very lightly and allow just a trickle of water to come out. We listened to the light plip plop sound this made, and Veronika reached curious fingers under the stream.

Splish Splash (1)

I paused before I turned the tap on to a full roar. I thought this might alarm her, but she stared at it, mesmerized. Encourage your child to run a hand under this strong stream, too, as you listen to the roar and whoosh.

Splish Splash (3)

Finally, I turned the tap off and helped her discover other ways we could listen to the water. Tapping the surface made a delightful slapping sound.

Splish Splash (4)

And pouring water from a cup made a lovely splish splash.

Splish Splash (5)

Have fun using lots of onomatopoeia as you play! In sum, this was an auditory delight. If you want to continue the fun outside of the tub, consider playing soothing water sounds on the computer while your child plays.

Splish Splash (6)

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