Turn the Beat Around

Turn the Beat (2)

I recently read that recognizing the patterns and rhythms of music can help children with gross motor skills, everything from walking to jumping to dancing. Did this game today actually tip Veronika over the edge into a true walker? I’ll never know for sure, but I think it did the trick!

Veronika has been hesitant to walk, but I noticed a few times that the “stomp feet” verse of If You’re Happy and You Know It had her lifting her feet and almost walking forwards. Today, I was determined to get those feet stomping into a walk.

We started off with the above-mentioned song. Getting your toddler to clap along at this age is great fun, too.

Turn the Beat (4)

Then it was time to stomp. She gamely stomped her little feet, which she accompanied with a little pat pat to her belly. Still no steps though…

Turn the Beat (3)

After that we danced to a few more favorite songs, each time choosing something with a strong beat. We clapped our hands and wiggled and tapped our toes.

Turn the Beat (1)

Well wouldn’t you know, a few hours later I turned around and Veronika was walking. She was so proud of herself and spent the rest of the evening doing circuits of our apartment.

So if you have an almost-walker, I’d love to hear if a similar activity also helps with first true steps! Please share in the comments.

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