Tie-Dye Cloth Napkins

Tie Dye Napkin (8)

This fun tie-dye project is a nice way to intro the method to kids, smaller than tie-dyeing a full t-shirt. As an added bonus, you can tuck one of the napkins into a child’s lunchbox for a sweet reminder from home while he or she is at school!

We actually started with blank handkerchiefs from the craft store, not technically napkins. Twist them tightly and secure with elastics at several intervals.

Tie Dye Napkin (1)

We purchased two bottles of dye that came ready to mix in a squirt bottle, one blue and one green, which made the whole project extremely easy.

Tie Dye Napkin (2)

Travis thought it was fun to wear plastic gloves as we mixed the solutions, then dyed sections of the napkin in alternating colors.

Tie Dye Napkin (4)

Seal the napkins in a zip-top plastic bag and let dry for 6 to 8 hours.

Tie Dye Napkin (5)

Ring out the extra liquid over a sink, then wash in the laundry machine in cool water.

Tie Dye Napkin (6)

Tumble dry, and repeat if necessary. We thought these came out so pretty!

Tie Dye Napkin (7)

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