Shoe Box Train

Shoe Box Train (8)

We had a few leftover boxes around the house, so it felt like the perfect day to make Veronika a cardboard train. Okay, technically none of these were shoe boxes, but I use the term in the title because they were all about that size. Use any similarly-sized packages for this terrific tot train.

To put it together, simply puncture holes in the sides of each box, and attach them together with yarn or string.

Shoe Box Train (1)

To make even this part fun, I made lots of drilling and clanging construction sounds as I worked.

Shoe Box Train (3)

Veronika wanted to hold a pair of safety scissors to get in on the action! Once our train was complete, it was time to load up passengers. Some stuffed animal friends happily climbed aboard at the station.

Shoe Box Train (5)

I showed Veronika how to hold the yarn so she could pull the train along with her as she walked forwards. I realized this was the first time she’s used a toy that pulls, rather than pushes, so it was great for her motor development.

Shoe Box Train (6)

After a while, she did prefer to push the train cars along, which was just fine too.

Shoe Box Train (7)

Station change! Next it was all aboard the dinosaur train.

Shoe Box Train (9)

There were so many elements to this game that I loved, whether watching her busily load the passengers in and out, the way she said “roar!” to the dinosaurs, or how determined she was to make the train move. She even decided to test out a seat for herself!

Shoe Box Train (10)

Motor skills, imaginative play, and so much more, all thanks to a few upcycled boxes.


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