Junk Mailman

Junk Mailman (1)

If you ever feel like you can’t open the bills or get through the mail with a toddler in the house, this game is for you!

For a few days running, I set aside the junk mail that arrived and kept a collection in a paper bag. When I needed to sit down and peruse the items that mattered, I presented Veronika with this bag.

Junk Mailman (2)

She thought she’d hit the jackpot! There was paper to rip…

Junk Mail (2)

…and envelopes to open. This last part is still tricky for her, but if I start a corner, she proudly pulls the document the rest of the way out.

Junk Mailman (3)

Inevitably there are lots of pictures and pages to flip through, especially if you save up catalogs.

Junk Mail (1)

At one point, she needed a pen just like mommy and I could tell she felt very important!

Junk Mailman (4)

The game was such a hit that I’m going to make it a regular occurrence around here.

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