Big Swings

Big Swings (5)

Veronika got a little indoor batting practice this morning with a toddler version of T-ball!

For set up, you’ll first need to tie a length of ribbon to any child-sized ball. I liked using her sensory balls with holes in them, since the ribbon looped through easily, but you could also just tape ribbon to a solid ball.

Big Swings (1)

Now tape the other end of the ribbon above an open doorway. Make sure to use lots of tape so these are secure. Veronika reached up immediately, quite intrigued.

Big Swings (2)

I handed her a wooden spoon and showed her how to bat at the balls. She was a quick study!

Big Swings (3)

Whether using her hands or the spoon, it delighted her to see the balls make big swings back and forth.

Big Swings (4)

She also loved walking through the dangling balls.

Big Swings (6)

Or holding on to one as she spun and twirled and walked back and forth.

Big Swings (7)

An alternate title for this post could very well have been “How to entertain your toddler while homeschooling a big sibling”, ha. It kept her so busy while big brother tackled his morning Spanish and English Language Arts!

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