A Box to Extend Train Play

Box Extend Train Play (10)

Chances are you have lots of extra boxes these days; certainly we’re having more items delivered in this time of social distancing, and are so thankful to the fearless delivery folks out there! We put one such box to good use this morning by making it a tunnel for Veronika’s trains.

The set up was simple (although you could get really detailed and crafty with this if you have the time). First, I cut a few holes to be tunnel entrances and and exits.

Box Extend Train Play (3)

Next, I placed a strip of masking tape on the top as a road. Little bits of orange tape down the center served as the lane divider.

Box Extend Train Play (2)

I put the box on the ground and showed Veronika how she could make a train enter through one hole…

Box Extend Train Play (4)

…and pop out through another!

Box Extend Train Play (6)

She loved it, although she seemed mildly disappointed that she didn’t fit in the tunnels herself. Soon she was happily chugging trains to and fro.

Box Extend Train Play (5)

The road on top was a big hit, too!

Box Extend Train Play (7)

The box happened to be the perfect height for her to stand and zoom her cars around, which interested her almost more than the trains.

Box Extend Train Play (8)

This is a great way to keep your toddler busy, even if trains aren’t necessarily his or her “thing”!

Box Extend Train Play (9)


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