Bottles and Lids

Bottles and Lids (1)

For about a week, I saved up every plastic bottle we finished in our kitchen (think: juices, peanut butter jars, mini spice jars) and set them aside. Today, I simply presented Veronika with the collection!

I had all the jars and lids apart, with the challenge for her to find the right lid for each jar.

Bottles and Lids (2)

Beyond that, though, she was interested in playing with them in ways I hadn’t anticipated. First, she showed her understanding that these containers used to contain food, because she tried to “drink” from them; the orange juice might have still smelled like juice!

Bottles and Lids (3)

Then she loved piling them back into a bag and toting them around the apartment.

Bottles and Lids (4)

After a while, she did get more into the puzzle of jars and lids, testing out various combinations.

Bottles and Lids (6)

She looked so proud when she could twist them on and off again.

Bottles and Lids (5)

For extra fun, we took the collection up to bath time!

Bottles and Lids (8)

Not only did she continue the challenge of lining up bottles and lids here, but the bottles were perfect for squirting and pouring.

Bottles and Lids (7)

You can even take the same collection outside for water play on a warm day!

Bottles and Lids alt


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