Kindergarten Home School Week 8: Monday

Home School 35 f

Before I dive into Monday, a quick note on the weekend! I had planned to do a shadow activity on the previous Friday but the weather was too cloudy. So it made for a nice Saturday morning activity instead. After tracing a maze in his summer workbook (helping a camel follow shadows to a shady oasis), Travis and I talked about shadows and then headed outside for a shadow chalk experiment. Full details are here.

Meanwhile, it’s Monday and we had a successful morning, once more going off-book from teacher suggestions.

9-9.30: Math: The corresponding page in his summer workbook involved counting jewels from a box of hidden treasure. This was great because all the numbers were in the teens, and he was due for a review.

Home School 35 a

There were so many ways to extend the play from there! We did a repeat craft of old “acorn jewels” (although to make it quicker I filled them with hot glue instead of waiting for white glue to dry) and then hid them all around the house. We also pulled out an old treasure box to play with.

Home School 35 b

9.30-10: STEM. Floating fish made for a quick lesson on density and buoyancy.

10-10.30: Snack/recess. We played a game of tag out in the yard, which counted both as play and exercise, since I knew he would nix any gym suggestions from the P.E. teacher.

Home School 35 d

10.30-11: 20 minutes on Lexia, once again working on story sequencing.

11-11.30: Science. Our encyclopedia page of the day focused on rocks.

Home School 35 e

After a quick watch of the QR code video, I pulled out an old set of rocks and a magnifying glass for further exploration. Just as I hoped, the props from the day were now coming together in imaginative free play. You’ll notice the rocks and minerals are being guarded as treasure, as the pirate ship comes to plunder!

Home School 35 9

11.30-1.30: Lunch/free play.

1.30-2: Spanish. His teacher had recorded a wonderful read of Mouse Paint using the Spanish words for colors. Travis flipped the pages of our home copy to follow along.

Home School 35 g

I didn’t want to deal with the mess of paints, so we mixed food coloring to see how this worked in real time, naming all the colors in Spanish as we went.

Home School 35 h

2-2.30: Outside. We walked in a local park and picked flowers for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Home School 35 i

2.30-3: Art. Back home, we fit in some last-minute art in a project that was actually intended for baby sister, since he wasn’t interested in his class’s standard “Over the weekend…” writing and drawing.

His bedtime story was Ira Sleeps Over.

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