Rainbow Salt Tray

Rainbow Salt Tray (9)

Here’s a project I remember doing with Travis when he was a toddler, and the seeming “magic” of it never grows old. I told Veronika that today she was going to paint a rainbow!

To set up, line the bottom of a shallow tray with construction paper, arranging the pieces in rainbow order.

Rainbow Salt Tray (2)

Oddly, our pack of paper doesn’t include purple, so I quickly colored a white piece with purple marker to fix that! Tape down the pieces of paper so they overlap. It’s helpful to use clear tape along all the seams, so salt doesn’t slip in between the sheets in the next step.

Now just cover the paper with a layer of table salt!

Rainbow Salt Tray (3)

I showed Veronika the tray and handed her a paintbrush. “Paint?” she asked. She began swirling the paintbrush through and immediately saw blue.

Rainbow Salt Tray (4)

A huge smile appeared on her face. As she worked, she uncovered all the colors of the rainbow.

Rainbow Salt Tray (5)

Of course she got a little impish and enjoyed sweeping salt out of the box for a time, too.

Rainbow Salt Tray (8)

You can make this educational by drawing big letters or shapes in the salt. (Hint: it might make for good sightword practice if you’re homeschooling a kindergartner, too!).

Rainbow Salt Tray (7)

But mostly Veronika just had fun, seeing what color would magically rise to the surface next as she brushed through each portion of the tray.

Rainbow Salt Tray (6)

You’ll notice that the tray was great fun to sit in, even after we’d dumped the salt!

Rainbow Salt Tray (11)

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