Shadow Play

Shadow Play (2)

With big brother engaged in a game ofshadow tag today, Veronika fit in some learning about shadows, too! She says “Hi shadow” every time we go for a walk, so I knew she was interested in the topic already.

First, I showed her how we could change our shadows with movements. Waving hands is the obvious choice, but try stomping a foot, wiggling an arm, or turning your head.

Then I stood still so she could fill my shadow in with nature finds! This might have been easier with big items like leaves, but she loved sprinkling in grass.

Shadow Play (1)

Next up we tried covering just a portion of our body with a small blanket, and observing how this changed the shadow. This turned into a game of “peek-a-boo shadow!” of course.

Shadow Play (3)

And of course you can never go wrong with a game of shadow tag. Toddlers will giggle as you stomp in their shadow, even if they don’t understand the rules quite yet.

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