Match My Picture

Match My Picture (3)

Here’s a fun game for your toddler that feels simply like playing, but will also boost cognitive skills. It’s easiest to play if you have a set of something (for example, we used Veronika’s toy tool set). But you could also play with random toys, so long as you have a picture of each (whether from the original packaging, or a picture from a catalog).

I purposely cut the images of her toy tools from the original box, which made things easy. Then, I simply set out the tools and the pictures, and challenged her to find each one in turn.

Match My Picture (1)

She looked so delighted realizing that each cardboard picture corresponded to one of her tools. She would trot over, grab the real thing, and then look from one to the other almost with wonder.

Match My Picture (2)

This was great for clean-up, too. As we found each item, she placed it back in the toolbox!

Match My Picture (5)

You could also turn the game into a hunt by hiding some of the toys, then handing your toddler the picture as a clue. Or your toddler might be the one who wants to hide the items, and you go seeking! 

Match My Picture (4)

This is definitely a game we’ll repeat and play in various ways.

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