Pouring Station Activity

Pouring Station (3)

Here’s an activity that I had originally intended to do outside, but the day was colder and cloudier than anticipated. Thinking quickly, we moved everything inside, which worked just fine! In addition to being pure fun for a toddler, a pouring station like this is a great way to promote dexterity for pouring, a necessary life skill.

To set up the station, I placed a storage bin on the floor, and then filled it with various measuring cups (both liquid and dry varieties) as well as toy pitchers and cups.

Pouring Station (1)

I added a few outliers, too, like a lemon juicer that almost looks like a red boat. I left the bin itself dry (knowing it would get wet soon enough) but filled all of these various cups with water. Most contained clear water, but I added a few drops of food coloring to the see-through measuring cups. In retrospect, this meant we soon had muddy brownish water, but the color was a nice added sensory element.

Pouring Station (5)

It took Veronika no time at all to begin scooping and pouring. She was most interested in the dry measuring cups, using these more like little ladles.

Pouring Station (2)

To pique her interest in pouring from one of the larger “pitchers”, I dumped one out and then she took over. Now we had a fun layer of green water in the bin!

Pouring Station (4)

Soon she had a little “coffee shop” in operation. She loved filling cups from her toy pot, and transferring the water back and forth from cups to pot.

Pouring Station (7)

She happily mixed, poured, ladled, and stirred for over half an hour by herself!

Pouring Station (8)

I had stripped her down to her diaper just in case, but remarkably she didn’t get too wet, either.

Pouring Station (11)

A fantastic way to let a toddler learn to pour.

Pouring Station (10)

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