Sky’s the Limit

Skys the Limit (1)

Today, I took some time with Veronika just to pause and look at…the sky! Yup, that’s it. With all the busy activities we do, sometimes we forget to stop and just look.

So we headed to the park and lay down on a blanket. Now she had a perfect view… up!

Skys the Limit (2)

We talked about everything we could see up. The leaves on the branches of the trees, the birds and butterflies going by, the puffy clouds. And of course the blue sky.

If it’s a bit bright as you head out for this activity, don’t forget the sunglasses!

Skys the Limit (4)

We even spotted an airplane!

Skys the Limit (5)

I made up song verses for all the things she could see, choosing a favorite tune (Wheels on the Bus), but instead we sang: “The birds in the sky go tweet tweet tweet” etc. This brought a big smile to her face.


Skys the Limit (3)

She was proud making the connection between the butterflies fluttering past and the one on her water bottle!

Skys the Limit (7)

Mostly, I tried to just lie still, and enjoy the peaceful moment. She seemed to appreciate the pause, too.

Skys the Limit var

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