Make a Rainbow

Make a Rainbow (2)

All you need for this little science trick is a hose and a sunny day. We’ve had early hot weather that made us pull out the sprinkler, but it’s also been overcast. Luckily this afternoon the sun poked through!

I set up a sprinkler with flower attachments that spray a fine mist. The mist will make it more likely to spot a rainbow, so if you don’t have any sort of hose attachment, you’ll need to use your thumb to change the flow of water.

Make a Rainbow (1)

Now aim in the direction of your shadow. A rainbow will appear! This was magical for my toddler, and of course scientific for a my kindergartner. Travis understood that the water was bending the light from the sun and breaking it apart into the full spectrum of colors in a rainbow.

Make a Rainbow (3)

Then just have fun in the sprinkler of course!

sprinkler ($)


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