Ring Fun

Ring Fun (4)

Need a way to keep your toddler busy for a short while? Look no further than a few items you probably have in your kitchen cabinets: a wooden spoon, an empty container (or plastic bowl), and canning rings.

For set up, I cut a hole in the lid of a big yogurt container so the handle of the wooden spoon could fit through it. Press play dough into the bottom of the container and wedge in the spoon so it doesn’t wobble around, then secure the lid.

Ring Fun (2)

I presented this apparatus to Veronika with the canning rings already piled on. So her first task was to slip one off!

Ring Fun (3)

She loved this, and immediately pulled up the top three or four. She discovered that if she slid up one from lower in the pile, the ones above it toppled off the handle at the same time and made a spectacularly loud crash! This was a delight.

Ring Fun (7)

Then she turned her focus to putting them back on the handle.

Ring Fun (6)

“Circle!” she said, recognizing the shape, and started counting them as she slid them on or off.

Ring Fun (8)

Like so many projects at this age, the game then veered in a direction I hadn’t anticipated. But sometimes toddlers know best! When she reached the bottom of the ring pile and could peer down into the container, she noticed the play dough holding the spoon in place.

Ring Fun (9)

Well now she needed the lid off! She loved squishing the spoon into the play dough.

Ring Fun (10)

Then it became a game of toddler field hockey, whacking the blob of play dough around the room.

Ring Fun (11)

She was so proud when she could scoop the play dough up and drop it back into the container. Goal! So really, we got two games for the price of one.

Ring Fun (12)

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