People Puppets

People Puppets (6)

Veronika loved a recent twist on block play, where we adorned regular building blocks with faces. Today I used roughly the same idea to make people puppets!

Simply cut out faces of family and friends from photographs, then attach each one to a jumbo craft stick. Cover with clear contact paper to seal and protect.

People Puppets (1)

That quickly, the puppets were ready to play. Veronika loved saying hello to them!

People Puppets (4)

(Though she sometimes seemed put out that they didn’t respond back!).

People Puppets (5)

We acted out all sorts of familiar scenarios between parents and kids, or just made up silly stories. Either way, she definitely marveled at the fact that people she knows were right in her hands in puppet form.

She also just loved carrying them around.

People Puppets (3)

This was simple but engaging puppet play, and easy enough for any day.

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