Balloon Fun


Balloon Fun (4)

I’m of the firm opinion that balloons are not just for birthdays. To wit, here was a fun way to play with a few on a random rainy morning!

I blew up about five balloons, which of course is half the fun right there. Veronika loves to pretend she’s blowing them up with me. (Note: always supervise balloon play closely, as they can be a choking hazard).

Balloon Fun (1)

I then hung each balloon from a string and suspended them from an archway. Give your child a wiffle bat and let the balloon bopping begin!

Balloon Fun (2)

Veronika took a few swings, but then honestly preferred just walking underneath them. She loved the way they bounced on top of her head.

Balloon Fun (3)

We invited big brother Travis over, but one whack of the bat took them all down from the ceiling – whoops! So perhaps you’ll want to save this one for younger toddlers.

Balloon Fun (5)




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